Getting there
Glud Museum - hjem



Det østjyske landsbymuseum

TLF: 75683082

Glud Museum

Museumsvej 44, Glud

7130 Juelsminde


tlf: 75 68 30 82

Mobil: 61 78 75 62

CVR: 23278219


Fra 1. april - 31. okt.

tirs - søn kl. 10-17

Fra 30. juni - 8. aug.

alle ugens dage kl. 10-17


Voksne 40 kr pr. pers.

Børn u/ 18 gratis


min. 20 pers a 30 kr pr. pers.

Højsæson 30. juni - 8. august

Voksne 65 kr pr. pers.

Børn u/ 18 gratis

Grupperabat i højsæson:

min. 20 pers a 50 kr pr. pers.

Getting there

If you're travelling from the north, we recommend that you take a route that follows the line of Horsens Fjord, and then after your visit here continue on to Snaptun and take the ferry to the small island of Hjarnø, with its many Viking "stone ships". Visitors to the island may still be lucky enough to turn up implements from the Stone Age.

Visitors from the south can drive parallel with Vejle Fjord through Barrit, the longest village in Denmark, to the coastal town of Juelsminde, and then continue along the coast road towards Glud, perhaps stopping en route for a walk in the beautiful Palsgaard Park.

There is a bus stop for bus route no, 104 located just near the museum.