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Museumsvej 44, Glud

DK-7130 Juelsminde 75 68 30 82

Åbningstider & Priser

   1.4 - 29.6    (begge dage inkl.)
 - 31.10  (begge dage inkl.)

Tirs - søn kl. 10.00 -17.00

Voksne: 40 kr.

Børn u/ 18 gratis

Sommerperiode 30.6 - 8.8 (begge dage inkl.)

Alle dage kl. 10.00 -17.00

 Voksne: 65 kr.

Børn u/ 18 gratis

Glud Museum

The open air museum that brings history to life.

Glud Museum tells the story of the past 350 years of country life in Eastern Jutland. See the beautiful four-winged farmhouse Badensminde,, a 250 year old smithy, Denmark´s oldest peasant´s cottage, dating from 1662 and many other fascinating buildings. Wander through the historic houses, and see the kitchens and sitting rooms where the farmers and their families lived.

The museum is brought vividly to life on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons from the middle of June to the middle of August, when you can watch glowing hot iron being forged in the smithy, or spinning, weaving, tatting and lace making in the old farmhouse living rooms. You can also see wood being turned and carved in the outhouses of Badensminde, and fishing nets being mended at the old fisherman´s cottage.


1.4 - 31.10: 10-17, Monday closed

30.6 - 8.8: 10-17, Open every day

Admission price:

Adult 40 kr.

Summerperiod 30.6 -8.8: 65 kr.

Children free admission


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