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01.04 - 29.06 (begge dage inkl.)
mandag: lukket
tirsdag - søndag: 10.00 - 17.00
Entré pr. voksen: 40 kr.
Børn under 18 år: gratis


30.6 - 08.08 (begge dage inkl.)
mandag - søndag: 10.00 - 17.00
Entré pr. voksen: 65 kr.
Børn under 18 år: gratis


09.08 - 31.10 (begge dage inkl.)

mandag: lukket

tirsdag - søndag: kl. 10.00 - 17.00

Entré pr. voksen: 40 kr.

Børn under 18 år: gratis

An open-air museum that brings history to life


Glud Museum is an open air museum where you can experience 350 years of village history. Here you can explore a four-winged half-timbered farm, small fishing houses and places where crofters used to live as well as other buildings. The museum tells you about life in the small village societies from 1600 up to around 1950.

The Old Farms

Each historic building tells its own history. Enter the farmhouse of Rasmus Thomasøn from 1662 and peek into the dim rooms with alcoves, fireplaces and long tables all squashed in together. See mattresses stuffed with seaweed and fishing nets hanging in the rooms of the small fishing house and experience the wonderous revolution of electricity in the tall transformer tower.


In 1912, Glud Museum was founded by the local painter, Søren Knudsen. The museum also includes Søren Knudsen’s home, Hildesheim, where you can read about the history of the museum and get a look in to the rather different life of the founder of the museum.

The Forgotten Things History

In the large exhibition hall, stories are waiting to be revealed about childbirths, the fire brigade and the many chores of everyday life. Here you can see postal carriages, slaughter slabs, alderman sticks and birthing pots – objects that once played an important part in society, but which now are nearly forgotten.

Life in the Village

During the year there are a lot of exciting events. Older breeds of domestic animals take over the museum on “Animal Day”, the harvest is bought in on “Harvest and Market Day” and old Christmas traditions are celebrated when we celebrate “Christmas in the Village”.

Live Summer Activities

During the summer, each afternoon from Monday to Thursday, you can participate in exciting family activities. Come and join in the old games – try your hand at skittles or try walking on stilts. Bring the whole family with you and spend your afternoon participating in these enjoyable activities at the museum. Each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon, our skilful volunteers demonstrate crafts and handicrafts in the operating workshops. Talk to the wood turners, see the blacksmith working by the glowing forge, look at the finest lace work and find out how to stiffen a priest’s collar.



Museumsvej 44, Glud

DK-7130 Juelsminde

Tlf.nr: 75 68 30 82